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Message from GSBOR

I just received a call from an agent who--THANKFULLY--avoided becoming the victim of a scam. 

She was contacted by a "buyer" who found one of her listings and her contact info on homes.com. The scam artist then asked the agent to send a google voice verification code so that the "buyer" could verify her as an actual seller. Her instincts told her to press for more information and she ultimately insisted that the buyer send their documentation to her via the email listed on homes.com. The "buyer" got flustered, accused my agent of being unprofessional, and ended the call. 

According to nerdwallet.com:

"Here’s how a Google Voice verification code scam typically works:

  • A criminal downloads the Google Voice app and links it to a Gmail account.

  • Then they find a potential victim, for instance on a sellers marketplace. They say they’ve been burned in the past by bots and ask the seller to accept and text back a code to prove they’re a real person.

  • When the victim texts the code back, the scammer can link the Google Voice number to the victim’s authenticated phone.

  • The scammer uses the Google Voice number in fraudulent ads on marketplace websites or other criminal activity.

In other words, first the scammer is a fake buyer, then once they trick victims into authenticating Google Voice accounts, the scammer becomes a fake seller — potentially ensnaring a second generation of victims who pay for goods they never receive."

--Or in our case... the scammer could potentially fraudulently collect earnest money, deposits, rents, etc.

Just a heads up since it appears the scammers might be farming listings in our area for agent information!

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